Saturday, May 8, 2010

How To Make Your Very Own Blog

Hi I'm Mor, today i'm gonna teach you the easy steps on how to make blog. First, you must go to a website where you can make blog for free. One example of this is
(open the link given in new tab). If you have opened the link given, look for the "Create a Blog". After you have opened it just fill up the blanks, but if you have a gmail account you can just use it to sign in. After you have registered or log in, search for the button "create a blog" then you can start blogging. Remember to think a unique subject for your blog to make traffic on your blogsite. That's all enjoy. Leave a comment please.

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10 Tips To Make Your Blog Succesful

1. Be Original

Make sure that the topic of your blog that you are making is unique. Being original means using your own opinion, predictions, ideas, and articles in your field for short use your own expertise. For example will you make a blog about "making money online"? -of course you don't have to because there are so plenty of them in the internet.

2. Be Artistic

You also have to be sure that your blogsite can attract the people using the net because we have no assurance that they will stay on our site. One of our goal is to make traffic between the people and your blogsite. Try to put different gadgets and plug-ins to attract the people.

3. Be Collector
Try to collect some ideas from other website but don't copy the whole details. It will give big help to you because you can have a blog in where people can enjoy on what they are looking for.

4.Be News Reporter

Try to post a blog in where they can found the latest updates about different topics like hollywood, news updates, etc.

5.Be A Good Reader

The more you read, the more you get ideas from other bloggers. You can get their strategy on making their blogs having plenty readers.

6.Share Your Experience

If you learn something, share them with your readers. It's like an online communication between you and your reader.

7.Ask Questions
Cuirosity is a virtue.

8.Monitor Your Stats
If you monitor your stats you will be updated for everything. If your stats was low that means the topic you have chosen and you have blogged was not effective. My suggestion for you is to make another blog, I think that would be better.

9.Build Momentum
Do not to be contented to have one post everyweek, try to make a post atleast every day or every two days. That is one way to show your readers that you are active with your blog. It takes less effort to keep going than to stop and start again.

If you enjoy what you are doing believe me, you will not run out of ideas because you will still look and research about the topic of your blog. You will also not be bored on what you are doing.

That's All stay tuned for my next blog.
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